'R Candys Gourmet English Toffee

‘R Candy Gourmet English Toffee comes in a variety of flavors.  Made right here in Michigan.

Milk Chocolate Almond, Milk Chocolate Pecan,Dark Chocolate  Almond in two different sizes for your convience

Hanover's Michigan Mints

Hanover Michigan Mints  are available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Cherry.  We also have a mix bag of White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

Made in Michigan

D's Honeybees

D’s Honeybees located in Concord has graciously provided our area with their honey from their bees.

All Natural, different sizes available

Local people have been kind enough to allow us to have their wares for sale in our store for our wonderful customers.

Greeting Cards

We offer a variety of greeting cards here in the store.  Childrens, birthday, anniversary, funny, aging.  We have a full selection to choose from, just stop on in and browse.


We have a variety of beaded jewelry, gem stones, and other unique jewelry to offer our customers.


We carry games for all ages.  Some of the games are Spot it, Spot it Jr., Niya, Flash, Fast track, and 3 different Chat Packs.

Swing Cards

The most detailed, well-designed, and interesting cards we’ve ever seen! Not only does each card pop out easily from an envelope into amazing 3D shapes, but each also has a multiplicity of moving parts that allow the objects in the center to swing back and forth.

Alpaca Products

We have a variety of alpaca products from Urban Farms in Riverdale, Mi. Hiking socks and boot inserts along with finger-less gloves or even mittens, we have what you need to be prepared for the hiking trail or the long Michigan winters.

100% Colombian Coffee

Choose from our gourmet coffees,  100% Colombian Supremo or Dark French Roast, whole bean or ground for $12 a pound.